Amani provides homeless children with a safe home, nutritious food, clothing, education, and health and counseling services

Amani aims to reunite children with their relatives whenever possible. Amani is different from a typical orphanage, as they strive to give each child the chance to grow up in a loving family.

Amani provides opportunities to the child’s family as a whole that will improve their lives, help them to be self-sustainable, and increase the likelihood of a successful reunification with the child.

Amani is a small grass-roots organization. As a small organization staffed primarily by Tanzanians, Amani is in a unique position to effectively address the needs of the local community.

Amani’s administration costs are small. This means they use the highest percentage of donations to directly help the children – every donation makes a difference. Also, because of their small size, many people develop a friendly and personal connection to the Amani kids and staff.

Amani is a financially responsible organization. They are externally audited annually and governed by an external Board of Trustees.

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